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About Hannah


Hannah is a self taught artist based in Richmond, VA where she lives and works as a chemist. Art has always been part of her life as her mother and grandmother were also artists. As she grew, so did her style and artistic curiosity. The multiple techniques that are evident in her work could be attributed to her ADHD, but they also reflect ever evolving ideas that need to be brought to life. As a scientist, most of her paintings begin as experiments usually involving different media and styles that showcase bright colors and the imagery around her. Nothing is out of reach. Commissions have ranged in style from photorealism to impressionism or abstract. Each piece begins with an idea, is tested, and then evolves until the idea is thoroughly expressed on canvas (or wood, vinyl, paper, walls, etc.).

You can find her work in local galleries each month throughout Richmond, most Saturdays at the South of the James Farmer's Market or on social media.

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